A Francois Life: Season Two, Episode Two

Previously: 1.1, 1.2, 1.3, 1.4, 1.5, 2.1

Marcus and Iris were determined to prove they were capable of producing an offspring who was both reasonably attractive and well behaved. Before Ion could so much as stand up on his own, the couple were busy making woohoo in their very regal bedroom.

And like magic Iris was popping out another baby boy, Isotrope. The parents were very proud of themselves.

During all this baby making, Reuben turned into an elder man with a bald spot.

Isotrope grew into a toddler, and like his brothers before him, was just a grumpy young man.

While Iris was increasing her family size, sister Isabelle was suffering a major life setbacks. She felt life was highly unfair to her recently and said as much to her sister. Iris wasn’t very interested in the conversation.

Perhaps she should have been, since karma is rarely a nice thing to encounter. Marcus has always been more brawn than brains, and in what would prove to be a stupid decision, he took it upon himself to fix the stereo.

He died.

Most of the family was devastated by these tragic turns of events, but not all. For some reason Reuben found the whole situation enjoyable.

Ion, who witnessed the whole scene, learned his lesson about electronics and screwdrivers.

Isotrope is pretty “meh” about the whole affair.


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